Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What's All The Hoopla About...Part Two!

In my hoopla post on December 1st, I discussed how the #BSR saw the pattern change to cold that we are, and will, experience in the coming days.  Let's focus on the last section of that post.

Sad part is I was portrayed by a twitter account out east that I was denying the pattern change was even going to take place and “was wasting your time”.
Umm…yeah…Looks like my research and data was denying that.  He was just upset that I noticed he was calling for a ridge in the EPO/AO region when in reality, it was the WPO region.  Some education of the loading differences for EPO/WPO…
Note the ridge with the highest anomalies just South of the Aleutian Island chain and moving into the Eastern Bering Sea.  
Our current lag time is running at 17 days.
Here is the NOAA CPC 8-14 day analog.

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