Friday, February 5, 2016

Mid-February Storm

Hello everyone!

Once again, the BSR is giving people a heads up on the pattern at hand.  I know that there are #socialmeteorologist who are claiming they called this next big storm.

Here is what the BSR showed us in late January starting on the 29th.


The models are starting to showing a significant storm becoming an I-70 special.  The control run of the CMC and GEFS are the dark circles.  The CMC goes from Northern Arkansas into West Central KY, 

Here is the European Operational run from this afternoon.

The 18z GFS depiction is a tad farther North of the European.

I will NOT show snowfall maps as that makes people believe that the exact scenario will happen.  We are between 9 and 10 days out ladies and gentlemen.  Note how the first graphics show a 500mb ull moving almost due West to East and then apply that to the models showing a West to East movement!  The key to the BSR is how we...

Sniff out the pattern, specifics come later!

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